What Is CrossFit? CrossFit is defined as “Constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity”. But what does that mean? 

Constantly varied refers to the belief that we do not want to fully adapt to our training. We change the stimulus from day to day. Some workouts are heavy, some light. Some are long some are short. We change the movements and we change the structure. This has two distinct benefits. For one, we resist plateaus because we change the workout before our bodies can adapt to it. Second, It’s fun. Although similar, it’s always different, never boring!

Functional movements are what we use because of there benefit to our everyday life. We train this way because we hope to maintain independence as we age. We know that if we don’t expose our bodies to ranges of motion and loads that are necessary to live independently, we will lose our capacity to do those things. Who has witnessed their grandparents or parents struggle to get off the couch, or sit down, without falling or catching themselves? Now can you imagine if they had continued to train that ability? What their life would be like if they were able to simply stand up, jump or even run. How much better would their quality of life be? That is what we train for. We wish to maintain functional independence as we age by performing movements that make us better at life

High Intensity might be what scares you off. But, what you need to understand is that we only want you to train at a level that is appropriate to your current ability, no more, no less. We do believe that high intensity workouts yield the greatest benefit for our time spent training. But we also firmly believe that everyone is unique in where they are in their fitness journey. We know that to apply intensity before someone is ready could lead to injury or turning you away from something that could be so good for you. In CrossFit we believe that every one should first master MECHANICS and form in movement. They should then be CONSISTENT, both in attendance and mastery of that movement. Then, only then, should we begin to apply intensity to our workouts. This requires honestly evaluating your own abilities and the knowledge and guidance of a coach that cares about your well being.

That’s it, that’s CrossFit, on paper. But that’s not all it is to us that do it. We believe it is so much more than its definition. We are a community of like minded individuals that have come together for a common goal. We have made a commitment to bettering our lives through the pursuit of health and fitness. We know that there are no shortcuts to health and fitness, it requires work and purpose. It is through this hard work that we challenge ourselves to grow both physically and mentally. The process of coming together, laughing and working hard forces us to bond with one another. That bond leads us to support each other both inside and out of the box. We don’t put our equipment away until everyone is done and we are sure to cheer the loudest, for the last one to finish. It is through good nutrition and CrossFit that we have met some of the best people ever. It is also how we intend to live a long happy life, hopefully free from chronic disease, and surrounded by people that share the same desires.

  • Jake

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